Rule 1 R1 BCAA

  • R1 BCAA provides a full 5 gram of micronized BCAA in best ratio of 2:1:1
  • This Contains micronized Bcaa for fast absorption 
  • R1 has better mixability without any settling
  • It  Supports Better protein synthesis – Proven to be one of  highly anabolic, BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis which leads directly to muscle growth
  • This supports Anti-catabolic 
  • R1 BCAA supports energy demand during Hardcore training and also helps prevent muscle protein breakdown

How To Use Rule 1  R1 Bcaa

Use 1 Scoop of R1 Bcaa With 250/300 ml water. Best Time to consume is during the workout for maximize results.

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$770.00 Precio
$638.00Precio de oferta
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